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Chesterfield are going to stream on pay per match basis ,away fans can also access but home team keeps. Dover and Boreham Wood are offering season ticket holders streaming to fans allowed in or full refund.
Streaming even after fans are allowed back is this a better source of revenue at this level than BT deal, I am sure even with an allowed away sport with a team like Notts County ,there would be a large amount of away fans who would pay for streaming. I know there are lower supported clubs ,as well but still would have non travelling fans who would pay for streaming.
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Once fans are allowed back in, I'd assume uefa will restore the ban on screening live 3pm Saturday kick offs.
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About time the club anounced what the plans are on this, isn't it.

Can we watch the Halifax game on Saturday ??.
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Halifax have got a streaming service in place that they've described as 'state of the art'. It seems like a lot have implemented it and the general price seems to be around £8.
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So assuming the premier league stump up some cash we can stream for £8 on Saturday? I doubt the government will.
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Halifax away day for 8 quid ??.

Works for me :clap:
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Club have confirmed they have installed streamingservice.. Announcement later today regarding season ticket holders.
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My guess is that season ticket holders can be refunded or you can get the stream for free which would make sense.
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That is a green light for streaming. Season ticket holders will get free access if they do not want a refund and depending how many games we can/can't have fans at will give us money off next years season ticket if i'm reading it right.

Single home match day passes are tenner (well 9.99 but lets not be fiddly).
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Seems to me this covers all angles and attempts to be fair to everyone
For my part, keep the cash, I'll watch the stream until such time as we can attend and I'll enjoy a rebate on my same price season ticket in League 2 next year.( its the hope that kills you)
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In general it’s good news but as I have 2 season tickets in the house we will be paying £17.98 per stream! From a personal point of view I would rather put a freeze on one ticket and receive any refund according to how many games that are missed due to the COVID spectator ban.
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Get a refund on one?
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I would like more info on the streaming service, so sent Charlie an email...

Hi Charlie,

How does this streaming service work?

Will I be able to access the stream via you tube then I can watch it on my TV?

Is it an obscure streaming company that I will have to download the app, and only be able to watch it via my iPhone?

If it is, will I be able to chrome cast it?

... unless someone on here knows the answer?
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Just connect HDMI Cable from your TV to your laptop.

Watched the Maidstone stream the other week, picture quality was excellent.
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What's an HDMI cable?

Where can I buy one?

How much do they cost?

Do they work on all tv's?

I only have an iPad is that ok?

Any help much appreciated as due to poor eyesight iPad no good for me but tv would be OK

Thank you all
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