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So our MD goes on National TV, Radio as well as writes an open letter to The Dagenham MP which helps a wider discussion in Parliament about funding for National League clubs during the pandemic, and not a single word or post on here?

Can’t believe I am saying this but Steve has behaved impeccably during this pandemic and been a real credit to the club.
Well done.
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He's doing a great job to represent our interests and those of other member clubs.

Took some snide comments from the boreham chairman yesterday too that were quite uncalled for. The clubs should be sticking together publicly right now in order to get this issue sorted, not throwing mud.
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I used to have a lot of time for Danny Hunter and most of his views. There was no need to take a side swipe at Steve. Hunter failed to mention in his interview that Arsenal virtually pay for most of his club’s running costs.
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For anyone unaware of what Danny has said ... 16521.html

Because we have McCullum we shouldn't be asking the government to help fund all the clubs in all the 3 National Leagues is the sum of it...From a club that has just signed Coulthirst and said the other year they couldn't afford the players they had because they only had 500 turn up every game. He clearly hasn't listened to anything Thommo has said

I think Steve has been fantastic in all this and he is being a very good voice for the whole league. He has been honest that we are getting streaming cameras installed but what if you don't have Arsenal or West Ham womens teams in your stadium, an American consortium or Ryan Reynolds trying to give you money and saying they all need help.
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Just watched interview on Football Focus - Well done Steve
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He’s really getting himself and the club
out there.
Well done Steve
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Usual suspects that like to slag him off noticeably absent from this thread.
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