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New user registration should be almost instant allowing new posters to contribute, with a few restrictions (your first few posts will require authorisation by a moderator).

We welcome posters from the Daggers and all other football clubs.
Your forum moderators are Auntie Merge and Mark.

If you want to post abusive rubbish, this forum is not the place for it.

Whether you like it or not, there is no such thing as free speech. We have to abide with laws, including those concerning defamation of character and libel.

If there is continuous abuse we will have no option but to ban or, put abusive users posts in a moderation queue or in an extreme circumstance, take the forum offline for a few days.

TO ANY OUTSIDER reading this. This forum DOES NOT REPRESENT the majority views of Dagenham and Redbridge Supporters. It represents the views of the individual poster.

For clarity, there is currently one indefinite ban for Pfb and all his different identities.

We have one rule for posting on this forum -
Don’t be an idiot.

For those of you who need this explained in detail: -

Refrain from posting racist, homophobic or personal abuse. This includes calling other posters a twat or knob for daring to have an opinion different from you.

Refrain from trolling, baiting or winding up other posters. Differences of opinion are a common nature of forums, but if your sole reason for posting on here is to wind up others or incite rage, then perhaps you need to find another outlet for your anger. Highly politically charged posts with a view to constantly seeking out extreme views or expose people are also the act of a cock.

Refrain posting extreme material or items that are not safe for work.

Refrain from posting libellous statements. You are also acting like a cock if you repeatedly ask why a libellous statement has been removed.

Refrain from spamming the forum

Refrain from posting in txt msg spk

It is not our intention to ban people; we want to be welcoming and encourage free flowing discussions. But in the unlikely event you do act like an idiot then expect a warning before being given some time out.
Time out may range from a few hours to a permanent ban depending on the seriousness of the offence.
Every time an offence happens, your ban will double, so a 1 day out, becomes 2 days at the next banning.
Admin/moderators decision is final.