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It’s good news for the club and staff, any extra income generated will be welcomed, as for the women’s football if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it.
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daggersjeff wrote: Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:09 am This a total kick in the teeth for Dagenham & Redbridge Ladies FC who have not been allowed to play on our turf since their reformation. I understand that WHU ladies will be more of a pull financially and it think its blatantly obvious the club is after some Sullivan's riches( which is why WHU Ladies have become more successful)
daggersjeff I see where you are coming from but letting them play at our ground we more than likely have there grounds people ( a bit of p.c. here :lol: ) help to keep the pitch in tip top condition and hopefully some of there supporters will come to our home games.
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Can’t see it making a significant boost to gates - Borehamwood and Barnet host Arsenal and Spurs women’s teams and have worse gates than us. I can however see it generating income, which can’t be a bad thing, even if the gates do not increase.
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Perhaps we finally have a forward thinking Board.

The day of artificial pitches are coming . We have redundant changing rooms ok might need attention but with an artificial pitch you could have the two games on one day.

Rest assured the day the artificial pitch is accepted we will be the first to lay one.

Then the whole thing makes a lot of sense
Ally Fraser
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Can’t stand that women’s football is being forced down our necks by the media. An inferior product, funded by the men’s game, gets far too much coverage.
But I really can’t see why people think them playing here is a bad thing??
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I don’t think anyone has said it’s a bad thing them playing at our ground just that it won’t improve our attendances as dramatically like the owners claimed it would on the interview to Young Keane. Our gates will go up if we have a good season, if we do that this time and gates improve no doubt many will bang on about this being the reason.

Our owners have been brilliant so far but it’s does not mean they can’t be questioned, which seems to be the tone from some.

A 20+ goal a season striker signing is a million times more important than this announcement.
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