A Game Of Headers & Volleys Ep.21

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Dr Monkatron
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Hello all

Here's the latest Daggers Podcast. In this we discuss one or two things that may have come up over at The Daggers since our last "normal" podcast. Peter Taylor out and Daryl McMahon in. John Still gives himself a New Years Resolution and in this weeks Arthurs Army, we witness the aftermath of the clubs New Years party.

In this weeks Classic Daggers, Tel continues the Essex Senior Cup run of 2001/02.

Thanks in advance for listening.

https://soundcloud.com/choochoofilms/a- ... -609971332
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Dagger Steve
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I remember from that Billericay game, first corner we had 2nd half everyone shouting to Ollie asking who he was as we'd never seen him before.
Then a rumour started quickly that he was French.

What a line up for that game btw, considering we was in the midst of a title challenge.
There would be lots of noise if a similar situation happend these days (as did earlier in this season)

Also I believe of that 500 crowd at least half were Daggers iirc

I also went to the infamous ESC final that season, but I wont spoil it for Tel.
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