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Drawn at Home to Hartley Wintney of the Southern Premier League.

So, under current circumstances this game will need to be played behind closed doors BUT there seems an easy work around with this, which is to seek agreement to switch the fixture to the ground of our lower league opponents?

I don't know if this would generate more cash than would be received by streaming the game (if that is even allowed) but gotta be worth a shot?
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A workaround for who’s benefit? Why would we willingly decide to play in a ground with only opposition fans present, potentially no streaming service (or an even worse quality that is currently on offer), and on what will probably be a poor quality pitch so we can risk even more players becoming injured? No thanks, I’d keep things set how they currently are.
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Banana skin to end all banana skins!!
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Am I reading this wrong? The other day Potters Bar Town who I've been watching at Step 3 were due to play Concord Rangers in the F.A Cup on a Saturday and they're Step 2 and elite. As the F.A are under a stronger rules now as to basically get the game done and dusted fairly quick in Cup games Concord's pitch was waterlogged and unplayable and in less than 24 hours switched it to the Bar's playable pitch, now here's the crunch, Concord fans were officially not allowed to go and enter as were in the elite bracket, of course some did and were willing 'to take the chance' although if there is a law to chucking them out f**k knows? it all seems to be getting crazier by the day and quite simply if this got switched to Hartley Wintney would we be allowed anyway? no it seems?
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Who’s gonna pay to see this game anyway?

Winners get around 10 grand plus chance of another 20 in next round. That’s more than we would take in gate receipts after costs and vat. Even our shower can surely beat these.
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I have watched football for a long time and played a lot of FM in my time but I have literally never heard of this team. Really looking forward to this one, nice to play someone new
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So it’s Ian Holloway’s Grimsby Town (17th in league 2) at home in the next round... nice to have football league opposition back at Victoria road, just a shame we can’t go and watch it. :banghead:
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Grimsby have not beaten the Daggers on 7 attempts. could this game orbit our season?
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Supporters not allowed at any FA Cup games this round.
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Losing teams in round one to get 25% of the prize money.
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What we expecting tomorrow? Doubt it will be a goal fest.

Grimsby's last 3 games 1-0, 0-0,0 0-1 . two shots on target in each of those games. well better than what we can do anyone lol. listening to daryl's interview he is looking at having good defensive shape and to counter attack well.
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I’m actually looking forward to this game as we have nothing to lose in my eyes. Hopefully the squad feel the same way and play with a bit more freedom. We might then get better performance out of us to take forward into the league. We might even win!
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Listening on Radio Humberside live COYD👍
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Picture keeps freezing and the reverts back to website. FFS, annoying
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