FA Trophy: Peterborough Sports (H) 9 December 2023

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3 Round Proper and we are up against Peterborough Sports. Peterborough are in the NL North. This should be an easy fixture but then again as I am typing those words out I am thinking back to the FA Cup from October. Peterborough Sports are sitting at 17th out of 24 in the NLN table.
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Daggers don't do easy!
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McLeansvilleAppFan wrote: Fri Dec 01, 2023 4:27 pm "This should be an easy fixture.."
said everyone involved with Peterborough Sports!

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Given this one a wide berth. They don't deserve us. As I type we are 1-1 with a bunch of postmen. Disgraceful.
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Oh dear.
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And now we're losing !!!
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Excuses this week anyone? A second defeat of the season to a team in the Conference North and this one is almost in the relegation places...

Even with a lead too... Where does the manager go from here??? Literally nothing of worth to play for between now and the season's end other than staying up, and we're not yet a Christmas day!

A disgrace of a club... there is no way this squad would be top 5 to 7 in the South
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Gave it a swerve today. Season over, nothing to play for. Season ticket holder but cold weather and rain will keep me away, many others I suspect also.
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The effort shown by many in this side today was fukin zero!
Do we only play Sears because he earns such a large salary? If I was in charge I would sack him for breach of contract, he signed as a striker and he’s no better than a bloody barman ( no disrespect to barmen) as for Mr Strevens … he must be pulling his hair out wondering what he has to do to turn a pile of s#it into a team, but I doubt that would be possible.
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I should be shocked, but sadly I'm not. This has become the norm for this club. I said at the start of the season we should give Ben time, but it's clear to me now that he's not the man for the job. Five months in and it hasn't improved, if anything it's gotten worse. Sick to death of seeing us fold to teams from lower leagues and the plethora of excuses that follow.
My only saving grace is I didn't buy a season ticket, but I know quite a few that have and are constantly subjected to this garbage.
I'm still baffled by the yanks involment or lack of and fail to see what their objectives are. If this was happening in the states there would be uproar.
The whole thing stinks, from top to bottom.
Absolute shambles.
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******** Embarrassing!
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Another horrific low.
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Money well saved today, can’t comment on the game as I wasn’t there but when you’re setting up with 6 defensive players at home to a side struggling in the league below when you’re desperate to kick start some home form you have to question the manager. No doubt we will stick with him until it’s obvious he’s not the person to take us forward, yes the budget is much smaller but it’s just excuses, scoring 1 goal against two lower league sides in 180 minutes tells you all you need to know about the managers ambitions, it’s Taylorball all over again,
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No quality, no entertainment, I’ve been a
supporter for a lot of years and never been so despondent.
Strevens should walk.
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I didn't go either so maybe like one or two others I should bless the train drivers dispute as especially going late to penalties would have had to hitch home. Its downright awful albeit the odd away beating lower sides to simmer our hopes slightly and can anybody ever see it being turned around with present personal? More frustrating over a number of games we take leads and simply collapse and were not even in the confidence mode to rely on a penalty shoot out either. For whatever reason there must be something toxic in the camp cause it just seems a same old pattern ending again? Top marks to all who made efforts to go in a horrible windy day as most no doubt would have left home in a more negative mode than a great finale, almost to the midway point some pretty strong action needed quicker than later, fans of non League I believe are truly loyal but next few weeks will certainly put us to a even bigger test?
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