FA Cup: Bracknell Town (A) 14 October 2023

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Is there a replay if it’s a draw or does it go to penalties?
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Absolute shambles
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Strevens has to go. These players are shit, he's picked them.
Bollix to Shampoo, it's real poo we want !
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ARNU wrote: Sat Oct 14, 2023 2:28 pm Strevens has to go. These players are shit, he's picked them.
I hate people calling for the manager to be fired but I really can’t see any other option now.
Ally Fraser
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At least we can focus on getting relegated now.
Strevens out. Yanks out. Thompson out
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We lost 0-1 pathetic.
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Look he's a lovely bloke, great dagger but cannot solve the problem of us not being able to score or defend the last few minutes. This is the worst Daggers team I've ever seen and unfortunately this is a pattern that the manager has no clue of how to change. Absolutely shit show.
Bollix to Shampoo, it's real poo we want !
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******** dissolve this club. I am so ******** sick of it. Fans give their all for this club and we have consistently received utter shit back.

Strevs you are lucky to be in a job as it stands. As is Thommo. That luck being a result of those clueless ******** Americans that own this club.
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Absolute disgrace... not a single chance, outside of a corner in the second half that threatened the opposition.

Countless balls from the back four to a midfielder facing our goal... Countless times the centre backs walked out with the ball, threw their hands up and went sideways... nothing penetrative through the middle yet nothing coming in out wide.

Whatever the budget was this season, it shouldn't have a lack of interest or quality in EVERY position across the pitch.

Not even the excuse that this was a second choice XI full of injuries... Hill aside, that's pretty much our best attack out there today.

Tired of moaninng about the lack of goals and the need for more strikers when the midfield has so little creativity and endeavour it's frightening.
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A S dagger97
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ARNU wrote: Sat Oct 14, 2023 2:06 pm Mussas free kick?????????????
This along with the rest of our performance and our defending for their goal, you could definitely understand any accusations of match fixing but no.. We are just really that s***!!! I'm so disappointed as I was looking forward to a week off from the league and in mood for the FA cup coming round but the daggers still managed to ruin my mood against these part timers FFS
I genuinely cannot see when our next win will come now :banghead:
"Starting over can be challenging, but also it can be a great opportunity to do things differently"

Or in Dagenhams case, Terribly!
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Mark wrote: Sun Oct 08, 2023 5:18 pm There is an absolute chasm between that level and ours. If we are professional then it can only go one way. But there's always a chance in the cup.
And the chance happened. Wow!
I am so tired of the heat and humidity of the summers in the southeastern USA.
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Disgraceful lack of professionalism. You can't be losing to them.
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Just got in after my 300 mile round trip and no I still haven't calmed down. I normally shrug the shoulders have a moan, get in the car and after a few miles it's forgotten, but not this time. F...ING livid don't come close. Pathetic shite from a team and a manager with absolutely no f...ing idea whatsoever made all the more gauling by hearing their fans saying how easy it was and how shit we were. Relegation might just do us all a favour and the club fold altogether saving us from matches like this. I've seen us be poor on many occasions but trust me this was as bad as it gets.
F...ing dreadful!!!!!
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I only watched on tv but was so frustrated at how we failed at the basics, so many final balls passed into dead space or to the opposition, I’m one of those who keep saying I’m not renewing my season ticket but always do in the end, but this is the last season for me, next year I’ll take it one game at a time ( quick football cliche) because it’s got to the point where I’m just not able to be enthused enough to stand out in the seive on cold winters days watching garbage! My son didn’t renew this season but purchased a 10 game floating ticket, even that’s a waste of money :angry: :angry: :angry:
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Massive opportunity missed - never looked like scoring.
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