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I would like to congratulate our wonderful manager on a highly successful season, unable to make even the playoffs what an achievement, he's worth every penny of his wages.
I can't wait for next season and more of the same, and so are the owners if you believe the bullshit that was said at the fans forum.
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Could not make it today but listened intensely to the BBC commentary.

They informed listeners that Kings Lynn had not scored from a corner all season. It was after the second of the three in succession that lead to the goal they commented that they are to low and flat and a bit if variety is needed .

At that point I was thinking to myself hang onto that thought because they have only played Dagenham once and it has been our achiles heel for so long that if you can't against Dagenham you won't anywhere.
Ten seconds later he did put a bit of variety on the next one as opposed to the previous two and it's in the back of our net.

Now Daryl McMahon has many attributes as a coach, it is however as clear as day to me that he can't coach a defence to even do the basics.

During the halftime break I had a quick look at the goals we have conceaded in the 30 odd games I have managed to see this season. For others I have had to rely on what has been described to me.

It did not come as a shock to me that we now have conceaded 30 goals from restarts or a second phase from a restart.

At the forum a lot of talk went into stats , well this is one that can't be escaped from.

Throughout this season it does not matter who has been doing the job but our tottally lack of ability to either defend or stop giving away cheap restarts in the first place has cost us dear.

To my estimation It must be close on 20 points lost to goals conceaded in this manner.

That is an obscene amount of goals to give away and will have to be addressed if this team is ever going to fulfill its obvious potential.
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I was thinking exactly the same on that corner routine as it was right in front of me, I said to the bloke next to me the next one's going to be different and there it was...we were awful until about last five mins or so when we upped it and second half huffed and puffed. I thought KL played okay with plenty of shithousery which you cannot blame them for when the ref was so weak (and incompetent). And how he didn't give a free kick for a foul on Morias near the touchline in the second half is unbelievable. Morias had literally nothing to gain from diving there as he was away. Poor result obviously but relieved we didn't lose that shower at least.

Agree, it's been frustrating at times and today was kinda a microcosm of our season at home. I actually hated the Woking and Boreham Wood games more than today.I still think teams like Stockport, Wrexham, Chesterfield and Notts County would all expect to finish above us.
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Thought we scored on 80th minute mark , goal was announced over tannoy. we could have gone on and won lol
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Sussex where you get them stats about set pieces from ? Feels like we let in at least once a game hahaha
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According to the South London Press website in contention for the Wimbledon vacancy
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I’ll drive him there myself.
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I’ll pay for the fuel. !!!!
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AVincelotFlyingLeap wrote: Sun Apr 24, 2022 1:47 pm Sussex where you get them stats about set pieces from ? Feels like we let in at least once a game hahaha
The games I have been to and seen highlights afterwards
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If he is under contract then they have to ask permission to even talk to him. Would the Board allow that
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The board has allowed previous managers the opportunity to discuss with new employees, so don't see why this is any different
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That is pretty common policy in sports. It gives the original team a chance to start looking if something changes, or at least be a little bit into the process of discussing a replacement. But not allowing this to go forward with a coach would look bad in attracting a good coach in the future if the club seems to be holding someone back from a career advancement.
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"May the best of your past be the worst of your future"
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He was never going there. Johnnie Jackson appointed at Wimbledon.
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