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Easy to play shite and get away with it when the owners are 3000 miles away.
It simply doesn't work when they're not involved on a daily basis.
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Freund was unhappy just before Xmas as per his twitter and he wanted more, I don’t think he will put up with McMahon for much longer if performances do not improve dramatically over the next few games.

At least under Taylor you knew the game plan, under McMahon I have no idea what he is trying to achieve. Wingbacks but barely any crosses and we sit so deep we can never counter. I suggest he turns back to basics and keeps things simple, this is not the premier league you don’t need fancy formations and tactics, there are errors in all of our opponents defensively yet we never exploit it.

Some of our players looks tubby to me, work them harder please.
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Could not agree more DTD . The majority of Players at this level play there for a reason , they are not reliable and have mistakes in them.

We dont force mistakes out of our opponents and do not ask enough questions
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He's a far more experienced coach than I and must have his reasons for how we play. But as an observer it is very difficult to understand.

For me, if you are going to sign McCallum you have to cross the ball. This means signing wide players who have that ability. We do not have anyone other than the injury prone Weston who can deliver the ball from wide. Eleftheriou isn't too bad but good sides push out wing backs into their own half.

In order to cross the ball you need to get up the pitch, and do it relatively quickly before the opponent has ten back. This requires the defence to squeeze and requires your midfield to break. None of our midfield bar Robinson have the energy, and we don't push the defence up because they're all dog slow and they're scared of the long ball.

The end result is that we are deep, which is fine if you want to counter attack over the top. But you certainly aren't going to do that with Balanta and McCallum up front, cos neither of them can run either.

One solution might be to play Wilson and McQueen up top and keep looking for the counter, but that's a big call to leave out the 'better' players. Alternatively we could go cavalier and push the defence up, but still he needs to go and get a couple of wingers who can deliver into the box.

One reason his high press worked so well last season is because we had Reid, Kandi, House closing down up top, and we could afford to play a high line cos Manny was probably the quickest central defender in the division.

He's got the balance of the squad all wrong for me and he has to take responsibility.
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