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Home to Ebbsfleet or Chippenham Town
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If London don't go in tier 3 next week and this game goes ahead can fans go?
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Dagdale wrote: Fri Dec 11, 2020 9:06 pm If London don't go in tier 3 next week and this game goes ahead can fans go?
From the FA Covid update

A limited return of home spectators up to 15% of their ground grading capacity will also be permitted in the Buildbase FA Trophy if the fixture is between two ‘non-elite’ clubs (clubs at Steps 3-4 of the NLS) in a Tier 3 area. All fixtures in the Buildbase FA Trophy that involve an ‘elite club’ (clubs at Steps 1-2 of the NLS) in a Tier 3 area must remain behind closed doors in line with the UK.

Looks like we should be OK Unless we go into Tier 3
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Ebbsfleet beat Chippenham on penalties tonight. I am not that hopeful of bear you on Saturday though.
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So what we thinking for today? Wholesale changes I reckon with hardly anyone who played midweek actually starting bar Eleferiou who needs more games. We have plenty of players who need games coming back from injuries and those they don’t get a game normally.
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Rest the majority of players. Give the likes of Clements, Brown, Robinson etc a run out. Never given a crap about this trophy so it’s not worth risking our best and most fragile players in my opinion
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Nope, same line up as Tuesday, apart from Liam , by the looks of it.
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thought justham would have had a rest today, deserves one, been peppered in goal nearly every game, and McCalum so injury prone would have gave him a rest too. once aI saw line up I thought thats good. Good balance watford fella one side, gordon the other side, agogo in the middle.

painfully with the stream, pictures and sound timing not right, must be my internet.
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Much better performance today played with a real tempo, was a bit slack second half but could have really had more ourselves. Thought Ebbsfleet were very poor and only scored due to 2 big errors from us. Onto the next round and some more prize money in the kitty.
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4th Round draw is on Monday due to be played Saturday 16th January 2021.
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Nice to be on the front foot throughout. Yes they were terrible but still a confidence booster.
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To the Pondfield Dagger, I also had problems with the live streaming AGAIN !!, We just do not know if it is a stream problem or our personal internet problem, as much as I like James Glass's commentary he should be able to have a link that highlights issues with the broadcast that we are receiving and then he would be able to let us viewers know, also he had to appologise twice for not getting his players names correct before the game, we have had tech problems in past streamings both home and away however I think we should have a better service for our money, one plus was having a interview with Liam Gordon prior to the game great to see him back for a while, hope he might make it permanant.
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The problem with sound was on Dagenham’s side, not an issue with anyone’s internet. You’d expect it to be fixed by the next stream.

Great performance from us, although still plenty of room for improvement going forward. We showed a bit of ruthlessness in attack for a change which was needed. However once again we were not ruthless in defence, two pathetic goals conceded for which there is no excuse. With their second goal it looked like no one was even bothered as the game was done and dusted! The defence and Justham should have been fuming over conceding two goals to a sh*t team in the league below.
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It was a confident, assured and professional display, albeit aided by how poor Ebbsfleet were. It's a shame we gifted them two needless goals through individual errors, but thankfully we were far enough ahead at the time for it to only be a mild gripe.

I'd like McMahon to use that formation from now on, Liam Gordon's inclusion in the side makes a 5-3-2 more viable. Maybe bring in Jones, Croll, Weston and possibly Rance and that'd be our strongest XI in my opinion.
''Dagenham & Redbridge look a very different side to about ten or fifteen minutes ago when they were on the back foot, and here's Benson...BRILLIANT!''
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Interesting times for the manager, Weston been our best player recently but probably doesn't fit so readily into yesterday's shape. Possibly as a right wing back but would be harsh on Eleftheriou! Be interesting to see if that system works against a better side, we are slightly short of numbers in midfield but very dangerous going forward. I'd probably bring Rance and Croll in for boxing day and otherwise leave it alone.
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