Abu Ogogo is back

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All I can say is Wow Wow Wow !!!
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Well, not something we expected when we woke up this morning - ABU IS BACK! 😍

The club legend returns on loan, read what I wrote about the move below. What I wrote about a true Daggers great! ⚔️🔴🔵


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Superb to have Abu back. We really do have so many midfielders now!

Interesting that it's a loan until January, yet the URL to the story on Rovers' site is labelled 'contract termination'. Not sure if there's anything to it though.

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Great news! Mr Motivator is back and a far happier weekend now in all this doom and gloom! Remember it so well, years back , quite possibly be the 3 all claw back game when the heavens opened? We were losing it bad first half and almost every attack they seemed to score we just hadn't turned up and out comes Abu kick off 2nd half sleeves rolled up, fists up turning 2 ALL the lads giving it some! we pulled it back lovely and it was more than once I saw him going for that, top guy in the red, well shame we're still not let in to see the return
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We need someone to kick these people up the arse.
Welcome home Abu.
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Always great to see one of our greatest ever players return. Absolutely thrilled with this. If it is a loan signing it’s quite sad in a way, as the way things are going it probably means we won’t get to see him playing for us in person.
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Good loan signing who knows the club well.
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Fantastic loan signing.

Welcome back Abu.

It also has Stilly’s trademark all over it...
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With 5 mins to go of this dismal game I don't think he's done anything to suggest he's any better than the other has beens we seem to let back when they can't get in their own team.

I rate Abu....... This was very forgettable.
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I thought Abs did OK.

Plus Deering and Justham, can be happy with there performances.

The rest were like 6/10 at best.
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For someone who hadn't played since the 22nd February, I thought Ogogo showed more energy and vigour than most. He was one of our better performers.

Croll and Justham were also decent but besides that everyone else was very ordinary.
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Best right back in the league?
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Would be absolutely wasted at RB in this team.

We need him in centre midfield, looked already yesterday, a class above anything else, we got on the books there.

Would be very surprised if he is not a massive plus, to this side of plodders.
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I see Gas have sacked their manager. The new one might want Abu back?
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