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The club says we can chrome cast the stream, but there isn't the icon available to do this.... has anybody been able to CC the streams and if so, how?

I am using a digital AV adapter at present...
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You can BUT you have to be watching on a Google Chrome browser, I believe....
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Need one of these, so simple to set up all works via Bluetooth and it mirrors what you see on phone or tablet onto your tv with no wires needed. ... 8-pdt.html
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I have been casting it to the TV without any issues. I already have a smart TV connected to my WiFi network.

I load the game in chrome on my laptop. If the cast icon doesn't appear, there is always the 'cast' option on the main browser menu which allows you to cast any tab to the TV.
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I do I get it to stream to this?:


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Part of a discussion elsewhere, but thought I would bring it here too.
Since we switched our streaming off the automated camera and have a real person, along with the informed commentary and a home cooked lunch, its all been rather good.

The biggest issue for me is at the moment I am now quite enjoying not going to games.
Not worrying if I will get there on time
Not getting stuck in traffic
Not struggling where to park the car
Not spending any money over the cost of my season ticket
Definitely not getting wet or freezing cold (especially as it turns colder)
Not being stuck during dull moments, and be able to doing chores around it, or getting a phone call from a friend watching the same game.
Not having burger and chips every week
Not taking 3-4 hours+ out of my day for 90 minutes of football

Obviously there are some big plusses to being at the game but after this is over and we’ve got out of the habit of going to games, it will have to be a draw to get the regulars as well as the floating voters back.
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You make some very valid points and I can understand how this might make some fans consider whether they would return to football or not. The point I would make is that because we cannot attend games but still watch the streaming, the impact on not attending is a lot less because we can still see many of the games at home and indeed away as well. When we are able to attend games the option of streaming will not then be available and therefore to watch our games will be to either attend or not see the games which I think for most would be an easy decision for make.
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In my opinion anyone that prefers watching these streams to actually going to a game needs their head checking.
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Difficult to understand some of the comments on here. Why would you not want to go and watch 90 minutes of football at the Daggers on a Saturday or Tuesday if you are a proper supporter. Watching on the box comes a very poor second. Cant wait to get back and see the boys live again. Lets hope its not too long. Sad comments from Luque about his time at Dagenham. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Glad he's now doing well.
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While I can’t wait to get back I can see some pluses to bits of the streaming. I don’t end up missing the first game of the season on holiday, I can still watch the match. My wife’s Glaswegian and has a nasty habit of booking trips to the in-laws on home days (often before the fixtures announced she doesn’t do it on purpose), Hartlepool away on a Tuesday night (fair play to the 20 that do it but it’s not for me). It’s a good option to have.
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It's not really an either/or choice between watching at home or in person is it?

As streaming would no longer be available when (if!) we are ever allowed to be able to seeing games in person, it is kind of a moot comparison between the two..
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Kevin wrote: Mon Nov 16, 2020 3:50 pmAs streaming would no longer be available when (if!) we are ever allowed to be able to seeing games in person, it is kind of a moot comparison between the two..
I wouldn't be so sure, especially at our level. If the equipment and infrastructure are there, why not trial it? Plenty of people will want to go back to the games and it may generate a bit more revenue from people who can't. That's if the authorities allow.
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In the long interview with Thommo on Daggers YouTube when we go back to normal there is a 3pm embargo on televising games and BT rights but that doesn’t count on bank holidays, evening games I think he said and streaming any match, even 3pm, abroad. So some element of streaming is here to stay hopefully. It’s a good extra string to have to the bow and I imagine now the tech is set up all the club is paying for is a yearly fee to the company handling the webpage.

I’ve never used one before to know how easy it is or isn’t but you can use a VPN to pretend your in any country and the stream should work no problem.
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