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Can the running or when it comes whoever Managers/coaches get the utube clip of our very own John Still out in that half-time dressing room player bollocking to show what commitment a player should be wearing the dagger shirt, sends hairs raising on my neck watching that and take my word been watching that a lot since we dropped out of the EFL, and keep saying to me self if only.......... Total right in the heart! What did Bill Shankly say?
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1OO% effort is the MINIMUM requirement.

If DM isn't getting that (his own words), then WTF is going on within our club ??.

The people I feel most sorry for at present, are our excellent owners.

They have again backed the manager, with a great budget, and are being rewarded again with these pathetic
gutless performances.

Woking cruised it last night, pretty sure there a part time club.
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One of the issues is that the owners are overseas and probably know f all about conference football. There’s nobody on the board to act as a link, director of football I guess. Hence, DM seems to have autonomy on signing a few of his mates , a few waifs n strays and a few crocks. Under Stilly we recruited well through his excellent network. When did we last sign a Danny green, Benno, CMS etc. The list is endless.
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Probably the last time we used this network was getting Fejiri and Whitely. I really hope rumours of getting Still and his scout team back are true because he has always known how to find a player. There were a few Graccos, Edmunds and Reeds but when he found a jewel it was such a diamond you could look past them.
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