Daggers v Concord Rangers 22nd September 2020

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Today the Daggers have been chosen by the Department of Media Culture and Sport (DCMS) to have a further pilot game to be held at the Chigwell Construction Stadium between us and FA Trophy finalist Concord Rangers in a pre season friendly which will be held on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 with a 7.45 pm kick off (this will be the daggers first home game since Tuesday 10th March 2020 in front of fans). The club have been authorised for up to 1000 fans to be back inside the ground for this match.

On Saturday 12th September the club also held another pilot game that had been sanctioned by the Department of Media Culture and Sport (DCMS) which was played between West Ham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies in front of 700 fans

For full details on what you can expect when you turn up for the Concord Rangers game can be found on the football clubs website by clicking the
link https://www.daggers.co.uk/

Don’t forget if you are coming try bringing a friend or a family member with you and lets get the place packed to as close as we can to the 1000 limit.
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bring a friend or family member with you?

yeah right lol

you can only buy 1 for yourself on the website, and thats it... very disapointing. ticket office not open as well.

I was going to buy 6 but can only get 1 for yourself
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I had no issue buying more than one, so worth trying again. Maybe seating is now not as openly available for larger groups, as the game is tomorrow. Or did you try the sieve as well?
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it says you got to assign attendees. you have to be registered to the site also, you have to input account number, i've been faffing about for half hour, cant get round it, its in the sieve we want to stand. think its to do with this track and trace thing, they want to know names, addresses , of everyone attending.

or is there is another website? went to ground not selling them there. although there loads of stewards there all day to handle a crowd of 20 people watching a theatre in the football ground.
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I also bought multiple tickets, a couple of days ago, no problem.

You will have an account already, if you bought a season ticket, if not, its easy to create an account.

Assigning the extra tickets is not a problem either, just asked me for names to allocate them against.

Give it another go :clap:
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Pointless exercise now, all pilots to now be stopped. Hope the yanks have deeper pockets.
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Is the game off tonight? If not then all Daggers fans should turn up - could be the last game at The Vic ever!
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If tonight does happen the club put on Twitter a couple of hours ago that all tickets have to be purchased in advance, online and before 5pm.
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Tonight should be a triumphant event as it should be paving the way for the sustained return of supporters. Even if it goes ahead, it won't be serving it's purpose in that regard. Though I am looking forward to being back at Victoria Road, what is the point of a trial event when the thing it is trialling won't be happening now?
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That cross from Danny at the end was pure filth.
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Would still like to see him back here :thumbu:
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daggersjeff wrote: Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:46 pm Would still like to see him back here :thumbu:
Said the exact same thing to my mates last night, that cross was superb, virtually undefendable, it was that pinpoint accurate.

Thought he was a bit older than he actually is, only 32.

He would be a very clever little signing, can just see Mcallum on the end of those crosses. :clap:
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He pretty much asked to come back to us after getting over his horrific leg break from Luton with a spell at Chelmsford, but Taylor didn't fancy him. Couldn't have been much worse than some of the crap we did sign.
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