McMahon it is then.

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Be alert, the world needs more lerts!
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Lets get down to business, first job is to keep us up. Good luck.
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Well surely that's got to be a step in the right direction, fantastic news well done to all who saw this out and sure there wont be many daggers who wouldn't go along with that, welcome and good luck Game On!
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Well I for one am pleased with the news and I welcome Daryl to the club.

It's a statement of intent and determination from the board, which was questioned on here, and the owners have resoundingly responded.

It's a good time for McMahon to step in as well, albeit our league is unaffected by the transfer window, clubs in the league may be unwilling to release a player without being able to bring one in.

We've had a torrid five months, perhaps more some will argue, now is the time to get behind the team and let them know whom they are playing for.
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Well done the board in learning from past mistakes. This is an appointment at last showing intent. Let’s get behind all at the club, lay to rest any grudges and move our club forward. We as fans need to be extra positive even if the first game or so doesn’t go in our favour. I’m sure there will be an improvement in tactics, Style and hopefully spur on the players we have.
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Dagger Steve
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rebeldagger wrote: Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:03 pm

We've had a torrid five months, perhaps more some will argue
10 years.

Made up with that. Promising young manager, that should bring some exciting football back to the club. Big job on his hands though first.

Also to all extents and purposes we have pretty much poached him from Macclesfield.
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Take me hat off to those Macc fans too, with really awful financial problems he's hands were tied there and just a 16% win ratio but nearly every one on their forum wishes him good and make no doubt given the backing he knows how to put a club forwards, sure he'll fill our gaps.
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Really super appointment and I'm absolutely buzzing now about the clubs long terms aspirations ON the pitch.

Vital he turns it around quickly enough to keep us in this league, the rebuild in the summer and REALLY have a push at getting back to the Football League.

Welcome Daryl.

Btw: this makes for some interesting reading ... ?id=198269
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It must be hard to motivate a team that isn't being paid to the point they have threatened strikes and yet Macclesfield have less losses than half the league and only a -4 goal difference. Considering it was his first go at League 2 not bad really.

It is a slight concern the club want to take legal action but i'm sure between losing the training ground, having hotels cancelled, players striking, being paid late if at all, I think you could argue there are a lack of resources at the club. Between Daryl, Thommo and the Americans there have probably been several legal minds check this over before either side did anything. Daryl saying the several training sessions I've been to in the interview when he only resigned yesterday probably isn't the best start.

Good to see us take on a manager with a decent record in this league, young and wants attacking football. Excited to see the first team sheet next week

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Got to be happy with that. A progressive, attack-minded manager who prides himself on playing aggressive, exciting football.

Ticks every box for us. He was very successful at Ebbsfleet and let's hope he emulates that here.

Just found this article written a couple of months ago - ... field-town. A great read.
''Dagenham & Redbridge look a very different side to about ten or fifteen minutes ago when they were on the back foot, and here's Benson...BRILLIANT!''
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Wonder what this means for Terry and Jody, his assistant has been Steve Gritt
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Well it took the board of this football club 20 and a bit years,but finally the most forward thinking choice of manager since Gary Hill.
Well done to them for that and I’m sure exciting times ahead.COYD
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Very satisfied with this appointment.

Well done to the Board.

Praise, where praise is due.

Now please, back him with a couple of decent signings, in January.
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Over the moon with Daryl...

Hopefully he can bring in a striker to rival Conor Wilkinson for ability and goal threat to climb us up that table!!

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