A Game Of Headers & Volleys Ep.26 w/ Steve Thompson

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Re: A Game Of Headers & Volleys Ep.26 w/ Steve Thompson

Post by Daggernewbie » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:10 pm

steeevooo wrote:As I've been relentlessly asked by some people to listen to the Thommo podcast and respond to the comments about me, I've finally managed to get some time to listen to it. A lot of what Thommo says is correct, however I will point out some inaccuracies/ambiguities that he has made in relation to myself, and also some general comments on the flags (speaking only as the co-owner of the NK Daggers flag):

- Whether deliberately or not, Thommo seemed to be inferring that the fan trouble at Eastleigh was related to the flags. I was not present at the game, but have been told by numerous people that did go that the trouble was entirely unrelated to the flags. As stated though, I do not know if Thommo was intentionally inferring this or not.

- In terms of being reimbursed for the flags, I personally have never been offered any money in return for the NK Daggers flag. Again, I can only speak for myself, and it may be true that Thommo/Dave Bennett have made such offers to the other co-owner of the NK Daggers flags and to the owners of the other flags.

- The "fake email saga": I emphasise that the flag owners were not the creators of this email. We were shown a copy of this email in good faith by somebody that we trusted (and had no reason to distrust). It is correct that I refused to name the source to Thommo, but I certainly did not pledge to come back to him and give him all the details as he claims. Subsequent to my meeting with him, I only received one text from him, and that was the "cryptic" message about the Pope - I must admit that I was confused by it, but deduced that it wasn't intended for me and therefore just ignored it.

- The clubhouse incident after the last home game - Thommo claims that he only asked me to leave. That is strictly true, in the sense that telling somebody that they are banned and to get out of his clubhouse does equate to being asked to leave. I didn't tell Thommo that he couldn't ban me, but merely asked for it to be provided in writing.

I'm not going to keep arguing the toss about it all though, as everything is degenerating/has degenerated into a tit-for-tat show, and I'll openly hold my hands up and acknowledge that I am as guilty as anyone else (Thommo included) in that regard - maybe if everyone else involved did likewise then this ugly episode could be put to rest. I've already stated in another thread that my personal opinion is that the flags have probably run their course, but I am powerless to stop owners of other flags continuing if they so wish.

I've also been asked by a few people whether the flag owners will be willing to approach the podcast guys to appear on a show - for the reasons above I personally won't be, it will simply be dredging the mud up and going around in circles yet again.

On a more positive note to finish - that is actually the first time that I have listened to any of the podcasts (no, I haven't listened to the latest one yet), and I must say that I was impressed with what seems to be a well-run operation - KUTGW guys!
Well said Steve it is time to put all this to bed as I said in my posting " When will everyone stop nit picking etc. and move forward ? "

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