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Alan wrote:
Diggerthedog wrote:
stanton101 wrote:In nearly 6 seasons Guttridge has made just over 120 appearances. For a 34 year old midfielder the chances of him playing a full season are at best minimal with that track record. Not a bad player, but definitely one not to be relied upon, considering Labadie won't be with us next season.
Exactly this for a club who moan about lack of budget we make some bizarre signings knowing full well some of these players are made of glass. Hines and Richards aware prime examples of that this season and Guttridge is the icing on the cake. Probably sign Jack Wiltshire in the summer.
Richards played 48, 45, 49 and 50 games respectively in the last four seasons, so hardly made of glass.
We signed him whilst he was injured and that injury kept him out for most the season. Stupidity at its highest order. Not forgetting he is completely useless to boot.
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Richards was not injured when we signed him, he picked up an infection in his foot, something fairly minor and which might have cleared up sooner had he not been asked to play with it first day of the season. The ruptured Achilles' tendon that has kept him out for months happened in training, it was not what he had pre-season

However, you said he was made of glass, which is hardly true of a player who played at least 45 games for the 4 seasons before this. Now, Hines on the other hand was a huge gamble, but I understand he is mainly pay as you play and so not costing much. I can't blame Wayne for signing Richards and if the deal was structured right then Hines was worth a gamble.
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Apologies if bumping a necropost is a faux pas here like some other places.

Presumed Guttridge had retired back in 2017 when he departed us after that disappointing Forest Green play-off defeat, but I was most surprised that at 38 he's just signed for the local team down the road from me, Newton Abbot Spurs - level 10 on the football pyramid.

Thought he was a great player for us (when fit) so would be intrigued to see what he can do at this level a few years on.
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I thought the was a good player, I saw him in the Stadium chippy on the London Road, Romford and he told me he was retired (the season after the play-offs). Maybe injuries go the better of him which is why he's playing at a much lower level...sorry for bumping bumping, these times can be boring!
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