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When football drives you mad

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When football drives you mad

Postby Mike the Dagger » Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:07 am

So, last night's Arsenal v Wet Spam game. Matt Jarvis gets clearly fouled in the area but just about stays on his feet before getting the ball across the area (late swing of the boot on the knee after knicking the ball past Sagna) and the attack fizzling out. Nothing given.

Had Jarvis gone down its a nailed on penalty but because he was "honest" it's no foul. Next time you see someone go down like they have been shot at the slightest contact, remember Matt Jarvis and shut up moaning.

I don't usually agree with Gary Neville but he was spot on when he said it would have been the best thing for football in years for Kevin Friend to have given the penalty but he bottled it even though he saw it clearly.

Respect? You're having a laugh.
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Re: When football drives you mad

Postby Daggers No 2 Fan » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:24 pm

Haven't seen the specific incident but have seen plenty that were similar to the description.
There shouldn't be any need for a player to hit the floor for a foul to be given but it does seem that a lot of officials struggle with that.

I've also noticed a lot of pundits coming out with gems like "there wasn't much contact" to suggest a foul shouldn't be given event though there doesn't have to be any contact at all.
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