England's shame is back, I see.

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Paul from Barking
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England's shame is back, I see.

Post by Paul from Barking » Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:48 am

Looks like the warm weather in France and beer has brought out the worst in the thugs attached to our national game as per usual.

when are we going to start birching these people who bring shame on all of us?

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Re: England's shame is back, I see.

Post by Dagdale » Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:17 am

Didn't we all know there be loads of trouble after all the build up running weeks back and England's history there from that game back with Tunisia. Would you have liked to be there the last few days wearing an England shirt? from what we've been seeing in the wrong place at the wrong time and a kicking to the head was on the cards, disgusting! four parties have and should be ashamed of themselves, Police first, let's be honest French don't in general particularly love us and could have sorted it better, second we obviously have a few nutters still, thirdly Its a sad thing to say but just like a lot of internal problems here Its about being the 'best boys' on the hooligan table and the Russians know we have sadly been 'looked up on' for ages and want to be top dogs! Sad as its seems to many its dead true, and lastly the locals want a go especially the ones with 'immigrant history' believing many England's fans being not their cuppa tea', and ffs why oh why do the media, aka t.v and newspapers publicize it so greatly it just becomes a badge of honour to many of these morons involved.

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Mike the Dagger
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Re: England's shame is back, I see.

Post by Mike the Dagger » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:06 pm

We have our share of idiots, but this was bigger than the usual drink induced issues.


And the next world cup is in Russia!

Also circulating today:

Finally home after a weekend of mixed emotions.

Some of the scenes I have been witness to this weekend in Marseille have shocked me beyond belief.

Seen so many tweets and posts from so many ill informed and gullible people.

I'm not denying England has many idiots supporting them, home and away, but we were attacked on numerous occasions, and offered no protection whatsoever by the French Police. They seemed intent on just firing tear gas, which effected everyone, not just the few trouble makers, and all it did was spread the crowd into another area and enrage innocent people.

But this was nothing compared to the savage attack from around 3-400 Russian cowardly animals, we witnessed at close quarters and took cover from. They set upon a small section of English fans who minutes earlier were enjoying a sing song with many French fans. We were pelted with bottles, chairs, tables and anything that wasn't bolted down. Any one caught in the way were set upon by 4-5 Russians and beaten severely, including when already unconscious.

I had to plead with and shout at the French Riot Police for at least a minute, for them to perform CPR on a guy who was clearly not breathing, he is still, in a critical condition and I will be very surprised if he survives.

So before you slate and tar all England supporters as hooligans, have a think and see what you would have done, when constantly attacked, provoked with out any support from the hundreds of deployed police?

The unfortunate guy that had CPR performed on him is in an induced coma, and still fighting. They have set up a just giving page, please see comments for the link, and give generously.

Media enquires to cdlyons@me.com
twitter @mrcraiglyons

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