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DI Mike Dashwood
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Potential Replacements - The Insiders

Post by DI Mike Dashwood » Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:44 pm

So presuming we lose on Saturday to Bury, and then don't beat Oxford the week after, then a change will be made in one way or another.

So should that happen, who will end up taking the reins??

Currie - Surely tainted by the current results, and would he want it.
Hackett - As above
Kenny Brown - Top player, already in club but not related to current dross results, but lack of experience
Micah Hyde - As above
Dave The Plumber - ??
Lee Wilson - Good ideas, but looking at the posts the team talks would go on all night and our starts to the second half would be even worse than now if the team are still listening to him rambling on as we kick off ;)

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