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Post by SUSSEX DAGGER » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:42 pm

[quote="DI Mike Dashwood"]Can't remember when we last played Hereford, but the market only properly closed around 2011 I think, so quite likely it was still there last time a lot of our fans visited. It's actually moved to some high tech out of town site now I think I
Some mixed memories of trips to Edgar Street. A late loss which actually cost us the title on a Tuesday in April 2002, a thumping loss in maybe 2008 (4-0

The last time we played there Mike it was the start of something very painful.

We went there in late September the season after relegation from league one. We lost 1-0 and only won only 1 league game in the next 15 including a loss at home to them in the return in early January. At the start we were in the top four.

Also remember Luke HOWELL getting tonked in that game and he was out for months after.

It was also the game when the ref gave us a penalty and then had his mind changed by the Lino. We somehow re-started the game with the only thing it could not possibly have been a throw in. Never worked that put to this day what that was all about

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