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Latest interview from Glyn Hopkin

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:11 pm
by Daggernewbie
Dagenham & Redbridge owner Glyn Hopkin says he will continue to run the club in a responsible manner once his consortium’s takeover is completed.

Hopkin heads a four-strong group who are planning to invest a total of £1.3m in the Essex club, with their plans approved by the club’s full and life members in January.

There is still some paperwork to be completed before the takeover is ratified, though it seems a case of when, not if, it will be completed.

And in his first interview since his consortium’s plans were approved, Hopkin insisted the club will not wreck their finances looking for a quick rise up through the leagues.

“I want to go forward in a calm manner, the club needs to improve and move forward and also needs stability as well,” he said.

“It doesn’t need somebody who is just going to make a decision one day and change it the next.

“We are going to put plan in place and we are going to run the club in a responsible manner.”

Since his plans were approved, Hopkin has become more visible on social network site Twitter, often posting his thoughts on Daggers-related news.

It is a move which seems to have gone down well with the fans, some of whom have already tweeted Hopkin their thanks regarding the takeover.

And though he says he won’t be on it every hour of every day, the local businessman says social media is an important tool in keeping in touch with Daggers fans.

“I’m not going to be tweeting every hour of the day, but I thought I could use the account to collect information from supporters.

“I’m keen to get everybody’s views, the reason I really like this club is because of the passion from all of the supporters.

“It’s been a very friendly club over the 20 years I’ve been involved with the club everyone has been really friendly to me every time I’ve been here.”