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Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:29 pm
by RampantDuke
Coming out of the ground yesterday at full time one thing struck me. This time last year if we had played like that against National League North Halifax I, along with the rest of the ground would have been appalled, booing them off, having a go etc.

It shows where we are now in that yesterday there was only applause and encouragement for our young team at the final whistle. The atmosphere at the ground is so much more positive these days. The fans seem to really appreciate the effort shown by this group so far this season and going to The Vic is now more enjoyable than it has been at any time since 2011. I didn't even care that we drew or that we didn't play up to our best levels. This team needs motivation, confidence and belief from the crowd and we know that they will respond. There may be less fans in the ground this season but the ones who have bothered to stick with it are the true fans and a lot of the old school moaners seem to have disappeared.

The future is as bright as Tamplin's mush or the Halifax away kit (both the same colour) and if we can keep supporting this vibrant, youthful squad I reckon they might surprise us and take us all the way back to league 2 this season. Well done the Daggers crowd and really well done so far this season our lads.